The Digital Transformation Agenda:

Silicon Valley Tour 2022

The Digital Transformation Agenda is a platform created for captains of industry to collaborate and share ideas on the best practises that will ensure that African industry is catapulted into the 4th Industrial Revolution and can compete on an equal footing on the global stage. This year the Digital Transformation Agenda platform takes us to Silicon Valley (October 2022)! 

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Envision Yourself in Silicon Valley

Watch this video which will give you a real sense of what you will experience as you go out to Silicon Valley with us.

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Why Silicon Valley?

This short video helps you to understand why we have decided to take the Digital Transformation Agenda to Silicon Valley (San Francisco) this year.

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Why is Telco Going to Silicon Valley in 2022?

In 1997 at the genesis of the Internet in Zimbabwe, the Founder of Telco took a small team to Silicon Valley to expose them to the "best in class" technology. More than 25 years later, the Telco Executive is ready to take another expedition to Silicon Valley to investigate what a Digitally Transformed future looks like.

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Coaching in Silicon Valley

In order to make the most out of the learning opportunity in Silicon Valley, we are taking along Africa's Coaching Genius - Coach Taf (Tafadzwa Mukoyi). Watch this video to understand the journey we will be exploring as we sit out in Silicon Valley.

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Highlights of the Silicon Valley Cocktail - 21 April 2022

The Silicon Valley Cocktail that was held on Thursday the 21st of April 2022 show-cased the main events that will take place in Silicon Valley and served as a networking event for industry heads.

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