SONOFF PIR2 Wireless Infrared Detector Dual
USD 0.00 0.0 USD
A 433MHz RF PIR motion sensor for human detection. The motion detector can work with the Sonoff RF Bridge 433, providing human detected alarm message push to your phone.
Sonoff Smart Hub RF Bridge R2
USD 60.00 USD 60.00 60.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Bulb B02-F-A60
USD 57.50 USD 57.50 57.5 USD
Sonoff B02-F-A60 smart WiFi filament bulb powered by 230V AC. It offers remote control and scheduling from app, dimmer / brightness control and white light color temperature setting options.
Sonoff Smart Switch POW R3 DIY POW
USD 57.50 USD 57.50 57.5 USD
the load current of POWR3 increases from 15A to 25A, and the power reaches 5500W, it is a high power smart switch that can make your high-powered devices smart, or act as a smart meter for a single room, connecting all the appliances in the room to the POWR3 and the power consumption of each room is counted individually. from anywhere you’ll be able to see which devices are turned on,it doesn’t just visually communicate how much electricity you’re using, it also store your historical energy consumption for 100 days, which can be exported to CSV on your phone.

SONOFF POWR3 lets you turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the eWeLink app or by simply giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. it also can turn devices on or off according to a schedule you choose. multiple POWR3 can be controlled centrally, and the metadata and power consumption can be displayed on Hass through eWeLink add-on. Apart from that, overload protection can keep your electricity safe at all times once an abnormality was detected, the power will be cut off to avoid device damage and danger.

What's more, to better help you save energy usage, POWR3 supports Alexa smart energy, you can centrally view the overall or individual device energy consumption in the Alexa Energy Dashboard.

Use the SONOFF POWR3 to automate your home while saving energy!

Package includes :
1 * POWR3
1 * User Manual

Additional information.
Weight 528 g
Input 100-240V AC
Output 100-240V AC
Max.Load 25A/5500W
Material PC V0
Sonoff Smart Stackable Power Meter DIY SPM
USD 57.50 USD 57.50 57.5 USD
Sonoff’s Smart Stackable Power Meter (SPM) is a professional category, DIN-rail compatible, stackable relay with power meter and overload protection, with up to 20A per channel max. capacity. It can save consumption to a memory card

Product features:
Remote ON / OFF – Anytime, anywhere, from now on you can turn all your channels on and off remotely.
Possibility to add up to 32 pcs. of 4-channel power metering relays to the main channel, total support for up to 128 independent channels
Fits to DIN-rail
SD card support: supports adding a 8GB-32GB SDHC memory card to store up to 180 days consumption data
Controling the channels independently
Physical on/off buttons on the 4-relay devices
Overload protection for all channels
Mobil App – free iOS és Android mobil App: eWeLink, connecting to eWeLink IoT cloud
Sync status – Check actual relay status (turned ON or OFF) with the mobile App
Share control – Control the device together with your family
Sonoff Smart Sensor SNZB-03 With Battery
USD 40.00 USD 40.00 40.0 USD
If your concern is not only about home security but about using motion to turn on or off the light, well, SONOFF SNZB-03 maybe makes you feel amazing. This ZigBee motion sensor is an extra-handy smart device for placing anywhere in your home to detect motion and trigger alarms.

That means the sensor will send an instant alert notification to your mobile phone whenever the motion is detected if this security system is armed. If you have a SONOFF ZigBee Bridge, you can connect the sensor to it to activate Wi-Fi devices, not merely ZigBee devices. For example, you can set a scene for your living-room light so that it will automatically turn on when you walk through the living-room.


-ZigBee Bridge is needed
-Create smart scenes to activate Wi-Fi smart devices.
-Detect movement and trigger alert messages.
-Turn on/off the devices through your movement.
-Work with the SONOFF camera to monitor your home.
-6m detection distance and 110°viewing angle.
-Share the sensor to your family to together keep eyes on your home.
-3-month history records check.
-Low-battery notification.
-Quick peel and stick installation.

-Battery: 3V(CR2450);
-Wireless protocol: Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4);
-Material: PC;
-Dimension: 35*39*28mm
Sonoff LED Strip L2-2M with Battery
USD 46.00 USD 46.00 46.0 USD
21 recommended scene modes and up to 8 DIY scenes Light up your outdoor and indoor events using scene modes, candle mode offer a more romantic atmosphere for your date or define your own scene to better fit your surroundings.
Sonoff Smart Switch T3UK1C
USD 40.00 USD 40.00 40.0 USD
Sonoff G1 GSM Smart Switch
USD 0.00 0.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Sensor SNZB-04 With Battery
USD 34.50 USD 34.50 34.5 USD
Sonoff Smart Bulb B05-BL-A60
USD 34.50 USD 34.50 34.5 USD
Sonoff B05-BL-A60 is an RGBCW Smart Wi-Fi bulb which supports APP control, voice control, and scene mode, and provides comfortable lighting while saving energy.
Sonoff LED Strip L2-5M with Battery
USD 34.50 USD 34.50 34.5 USD
It can provide a zestful experience for your life. You can also use the R/G/B data bars to adjust the color of the light strip. Color palette, color circle, recent and classic color, various selecting ways for color changing.
Sonoff Smart Plug S55 TPD 9 (ZA Standard)
USD 30.00 USD 30.00 30.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Plug S55 TPD 9 (UK Standard)
USD 30.00 USD 30.00 30.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Switch T3UK3C
USD 30.00 USD 30.00 30.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Switch TOUK3C
USD 34.50 USD 34.50 34.5 USD
Sonoff Smart Switch TOUK2C
USD 30.00 USD 30.00 30.0 USD
Sonoff Smart Switch TOUK1C
USD 30.00 USD 30.00 30.0 USD
Sonoff Sensor Holder -Motion Sensor Base
USD 23.00 USD 23.00 23.0 USD
It has a 360°rotation and max. 90° tilt, and makes it possible to install the motion sensor flexibly facing in any direction and angle.