Telco Broadband ADSS Fiber Cable 12F SM G652D
USD 314.29 USD 314.29 314.29 USD
ADSS Fiber Optic Cable 12 cores 50M, single jacket,O.D.:9.5mm±0.3mm
ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamps
USD 4.14 USD 4.14 4.14 USD
ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamps
ADSS J Hook Suspension Clamp
USD 3.50 USD 3.50 3.5 USD
Aerial Fibre J Hook Suspension Clamp 7-12mm
FTTX Optical Cable 8 Core
USD 1.80 USD 1.80 1.8 USD
Fiber Termination Toolkit
USD 8.50 USD 8.50 8.5 USD
FTTX Terminal Box Loaded With, Pigtail, SC Coupler, Splice Protector X2
ABS material, white, 2 port, with 2 pcs SC/APC adaptor, 2 pcs SC/APC pigtail, G657A1 fiber, 0.9mm, 2x Splice Protectors
HDPE Multi Way Micro Duct
USD 2.29 USD 2.29 2.29 USD
HDPE Micro Duct Inner
USD 0.63 USD 0.63 0.63 USD
HDPE Fibre Ducting
HDPE Corrugated PIPE
USD 2.69 USD 2.69 2.69 USD
HDPE Corrugated Pipe
Optical Splice Closure 96 Splice
USD 130.00 USD 130.00 130.0 USD
96 Port Optical Splice Closure
Optical Splice Closure 48 Splice
USD 70.00 USD 70.00 70.0 USD
Fibre Optic 48 port Splice Closure
Optical Splice Closure 24 Splice (Square)
USD 48.00 USD 48.00 48.0 USD
4 Entry, 24 Splice, Closure, Square
Optical Splice Closure 12 Splice (Square)
USD 25.00 USD 25.00 25.0 USD
4 Entry, 12 Splice, Closure, Square
FTTX Optical Cable 2 Core Cable
USD 1.00 USD 1.00 1.0 USD
Conduit Flexible Helical Metal Tube Fiber Optical Cable - 2cores SingleMode (G657A1) , O.D.:3.0mm
Optical Patch Cable SC/UPC - LC/UPC
USD 10.00 USD 10.00 10.0 USD
Optical Patch Cable, Single Mode, SC/UPC - LC/UPC
ADSS FTTH Drop Cable Fastening Hook
USD 0.55 USD 0.55 0.55 USD
ADSS FTTH Drop Cable Clamp
USD 0.48 USD 0.48 0.48 USD
Optical Patch Cable SC/APC - LC/APC
USD 10.00 USD 10.00 10.0 USD
Optical Patch Cable, Single Mode, SC/APC - LC/APC
Optical Patch Cable SC/APC - SC/APC
USD 8.50 USD 8.50 8.5 USD
Optical Patch Cable, Single Mode, SC/APC - SC/APC
OTDR Model ZS 1000-A
USD 1,500.00 USD 1,500.00 1500.0 USD
This advanced diagnostic tool for optical fibres allows the Fibre Engineer to take a snapshot of a fibre link.The OTDR sends short pulses of light down one end of a fibre at a specified repetition rate.Light reflected back from fibre discontinuities and light continuously back scattered from the fibre itself travels back to the OTDR, where the instrument records the optical power and arrival time.The arrival time of the pulse from a given point in the fibre is related to its distance from the OTDR.With this information, the OTDR graphically displays returned power versus distance.OTDRs are well-equipped for troubleshooting problems because they allow you to visually locate reflective events like connections and fibre breaks and non-reflective events like splices and tight bends by studying the graphical trace. The power difference between two points on the trace is an estimate of optical loss.
Optical Pigtail SC/APC
USD 3.50 USD 3.50 3.5 USD
Optic Fibre Pig Tail SC/APC