The Digital Sales Academy

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Program Outline

  • Each Class will have 25 Candidates

  • 1 Session every Wednesday

  • 6 weeks of training and coaching

  • Sales training  with 3 instructors 

  • Graduation and Certification

  • Up to 6 guaranteed sales positions

Meet Your Instructors



A Finance, Administration, and Marketing Director is leading creative concepts that are redefining the Telecommunications Industry and propelling Telecontract Pvt. Ltd., a digital native company, to new heights. Dumisani is a digital transformation strategist offering over 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry with in-depth knowledge spanning from business development and entrepreneurship to sales and marketing. Come gain knowledge from an accomplished strategist who can analyze and forecast trends in both sales and marketing.


Tafadzwa Mukoyi (Coach Taf)


A prominent figure in the coaching industry and one of the top 100 global coaching leaders. Coach Taf is a transformational speaker with more than ten years of expertise in training and coaching people to be extraordinary in the marketing profession by using tried-and-true techniques to outperform their potential and unlock their higher selves. Exit your excuses and Excel! 


Nyarie Purvis

Srategic Outcomes

A business operations specialist and human resources professional who understands how personalities and different backgrounds influence individuals. Nyarie is a marketing strategist with extensive knowledge of trends, influences, and effects of international marketing. Providing insight and analysis in the process of enhancing how a company functions, with nine years of experience as a business operations specialist. She is a professional who specializes in spotting weaknesses and identifying opportunities for improvement. 

Date & Time
12 April 2023
Start - 18:00
17 May 2023
End - 20:00 Africa/Harare

Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd t/a Telco

Std 475 Pomona Industrial Park
Harare 00253242
+263 8683 012345
+263 8683 012345
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Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd t/a Telco

+263 8683 012345
+263 8683 012345

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